Clipping Your Shih Tzu
by : Wendy Paquette
[Wenrick Shih Tzu]

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The decision to trim your fully coated Shih Tzu can be hard for some individuals.

When Woody finished his show career we felt it was only fair to him to - and would allow him to be a spoiled pet with run of the house and yard. Another advantage is that it ends any foolish notions of entering him at yet another competitive dog show.

Even with a short coat he would still be allowed to enter stud dog and the parade of champions.

Woody had an exceptional coat and not having to spend a minimum of 10 hours per week brushing and bathing him made the decision easy. 

BIS/BISS World, Int, Can,
Am, Med, It, Pol & Lux
Ch Wenrick's
Hollywood Hit

Besides...I could spend more time on my other show coats.

In this article I will describe what equipment and blades we used to accomplish this task as we went along.  Also, the various stages demonstrate the options that are available to you, so that you can cut your pet/show dog down to your own personal preferences.

The first step is to clip the top part of the body with an electric clipper using a # 7 Blade.  A # 4 would leave the hair longer (approx. 3/4").  Some models of clippers come with detachable combs and do allow you to leave the hair whatever length you desire.

With the scissors, I then trim the top knot off and cut some length from the ears, mustache and cheeks to give what I call a "Bengi Head".

Next - I scissored the legs, skirt and tail into what most would call a "cocker style". I then used a # 10 blade and clipped the cheeks of the face from the corner of the eye to the base of the ear, down into the neck and under the eyes, leaving just a mustache and bun on the head.

The final step was to clip the skirts off leaving the hair on the legs only. The head, leg and tail hair can be trimmed to whatever length you would like.

Some like to leave about 1 inch of hair on the complete body in what is commonly called a puppy cut. This can be accomplished with scissors or with a clipper that has an attachable comb.

As you can see, the sky is the limit as to what you can do and how much hair you can leave. Some basic items not mentioned were that I used a # 10 blade to clip the pads of the feet, private parts and under the arms. 

The nails are cut, inside of the ears are plucked clean and teeth are scaled on all my dogs, including the show dogs on a regular basis. I also bath my show dogs at least every 4 days and find I very seldom have to brush them.  I bath my pets about every two weeks.

Woody definitely enjoyed his hair cut and new found adventures!!!!!!!


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