AM/CAN Ch Wenrick's
Chassen Rainbows, ROM

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Breeders/Owners - Wendy & Richard Paquette

Ch Tu Chu's Sky's the Limit Tu Chu's You only Live Twice Tu Chu's Golden Happiness Marja
Tu Chu's For Your Eyes Only
Tu Chu's Mesmerized Regal's Jack N' the Box
Gunning's Kiki Dee
Can Ch Wenrick's M's Fergie Symetrick Ch Woodsmoke With Style Ch Woodsmoke's Dragons Quest
Ch Woodsmoke's Loose Change
Wenrick's Ms Noel Wenrick's Just About
Ch Wenrick's Pandamoium


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Sire of -
BIS Am/Can Ch
Ashbury's Rainbow At Wenrick
Ch Ashbury's Summer Rainbows
Ch Ashbury's Pastel Rainbows
Ch Ashbury's Neverending Rainbows
BIS AM/Can/Jap Ch
Bei Jing Acclaim of Shansi
BIS AM/Can/Fra Ch
Bei Jing Intrepid
Ch Brilind's Gone Hollywood
Italian Ch
Connemara's Thrill of The Chase
Ch Lantana's Iron N Silk
Ch Lantana's To Catch A Cloud
Ch Pot-O-Gold's Rainbow In Wenrick
Ch Rustinwood's Black-Eyed Susan
 Ch Rustinwood's Breakaway
Ch Rustinwood's Shasta Daisey
Ch Rustinwood's Shimizu Kalabria
Ch Seafal Chassen A Dream
Ch Seafal Kay Tee At Wenrick
Ch Souyen's Cinnamon N'Wenrick
Ch Souyen's Wenrick Connection
Ch Souyen's Rainbow Beem
Ch Souyen's Red Riding Hood
BIS Ch Symarun's Lotsa Fiz At Leishan 
BIS AM/Can Ch Symarun's Billy The Kid
Ch Symarun's One Tough Cookie
Ch Symarun's Brooklyn
Wenrick's Divine Rainbows
Wenrick's On A Rainbow Cruise
BIS AM/Can/Fra Ch
Wenrick's Wrapped In A Rainbow
AM/Can Ch Wenrick's Whispering Willows 
French Ch Wenrick's Rainbow Harmony
Ch Wenrick's Ming Jade Panache
Ch Wenrick's Rainbow Fantasy
Ch Wenrick's Rainbow Rouge
Ch Wenrick's Where Rainbows Begin
Ch Wenrick's Courting Rainbows
Ch Wenrick's Rainbows By Tyler
Ch Wenrick's Striking Rainbows
Ch Wenrick's Glenrob Country Rose
Ch Wenrick's Rainbow Dream