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The Canadian Shih Tzu Club recognizes that its responsibility is to preserve and protect the breed. The Club membership has approved a Code of Ethics to be abided by all its members. It further recognizes that membership in the Canadian Shih Tzu Club automatically obligates individuals to this Code of Ethics. Violation of the Code of Ethics shall be reported to a Board of Officers. The Boards investigating will include interviews and correspondence with both the complainant and accused. And, on the basis of the investigation, direct via registered mail, the member involved to rectify the situation. Any decision may be appealed twice to a full membership vote. Failure to comply with the directive shall result in immediate expulsion of the member with the subsequent publication of the expulsion to the members of the Club, the Canadian Kennel Club, Dogs In Canada and wherever else.


No member will knowingly sell any puppy to any pet shop, catalogue houses, or wholesale dealers or, in any way knowingly aid or abet the sale of any Shih Tzu through a pet shop or catalogue house.


A member-breeder will be familiar with the Canadian Kennel Club rules governing record keeping, registration and sale and transfer of dogs, and will abide by these rules. Any warranties or other agreements pertaining to the sale of a Shih Tzu will be put in writing with a copy provided to the buyer, seller and the Canadian Kennel Club, if required by the Canadian Kennel Club.


A member selling a dog or puppy which he knows to have a physical condition or a serious deviation from the standard which indicates that the breeding of the animal would be detrimental to the welfare of the breed will make the sale subject to a Canadian Kennel Club non-breeding agreement, signed by both the buyer and seller, that the dog is not to breed. Additional agreements pertaining to spaying, neutering and/or non-breeding of the animal are encouraged.


All breeding will be planned and aimed at improvement of the breed. The member-breeder will be familiar with the Standard and will do everything in his/her power to discourage breeding from clearly inferior specimens of the breed, or to any such specimen with his stud. No dog exhibiting a serious hereditary defect, unsound temperament or poor health will be bred.


If a dog or bitch produces off-spring with the same serious defect detrimental to the animals well-being, such as blindness, deafness, lameness or impairment of the vital functions, from litters of different mating partners, the member owning that bitch or dog will refrain from further use of the animal for breeding excepting test breeding when absolutely necessary.


No member will breed a bitch unless he/she has the time and facilities to provide proper care and attention to the physical and emotional development of puppies. No bitches should knowingly be bred before twelve (12) months of age.


Advertising by members will be as factual as possible. Misleading exaggerations or unfounded implications of superiority will not be used.


Members will refrain from knowingly making unfair or untrue statements about the dogs or practices of others.


The purchaser of a puppy sold by a member shall be informed that the puppy is guaranteed to be from disabling disease or congenital defects. Should a defect develop and it is confirmed by two (2) veterinarians that it is a congenital or inherited problem, the vendor guarantees to refund the purchase price and reclaim the puppy or replace it with another puppy.


As hereditary and transmissible conditions are discovered in the breed, members are encouraged to have all stock tested for same whenever possible.


No member of the Canadian Shih Tzu Club shall provide stud services to unregistered bitches.


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